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Strongly recommend for small spaces

I am using Katydid™ third year now. This wood stove is reliable as AK-47! Since the installation it performs always the same, with no change or deterioration of any component.  I am using the stove to heat up 26 foot 3 season camper trailer with small single slide out. The trailer is stationary, spray foam insulated underneath and any visible gap. My place is off grid located in northern Ontario where I spend 3-4 months every year, during any season.

Katydid™ is the only one heat source. It works the best at temps -5 to +5C and the cycle time is 4-5hrs. At -15C you have to get up every 3 – 3.5hrs to put firewood and at temps -25C or lower every 2hrs. Tough at colder temperatures the burn cycle is shorter, the colder it is I found the stove burns better. Above +5C the cycle may be 7hrs or longer. At sub-zero the average temperature inside is 25 to 30 degrees C wormer than outside. Typical temps are -25C outside and inside is +8, which is cool… Fresh load of wood in the morning will bring the temperature t0 18C quickly. It is very important to learn when to load . It takes time to learn.

• Very safe
• Reliable
• The manufacturing staff and the dealers are very helpful
• Compact design

• Sometimes it feels it’s just too small when outside is too cold

Strongly recommend this product for confined spaces.

Larry P.

Keeping Warm in -25C

Thanks for you Erik for all your support. Really appreciate it. 

All the standing dead spruce has been burning super hot. Only burning two or three 8" thick by 12-16" diameter cords a day. I can fall, chop and stack a month or so worth of fuel in a single day. That's using a ski pulk rather than the truck to get it to the house, axe for de-limbing and splitting. Could do half a season worth in a day using the machines more if I didn't want the workout. Super pleased. I'm getting 4-5 hours per full box. I didn't expect that kind of time out of a small box. The house is a well insulated 600sqft building with R20 walls and R40 floor and roof plus the current exterior temperate of -25C might help people understand the context as well.  It's fine to head out for eight hours of snowshoeing, xski, fat tire biking, ski touring up Haines pass or whatever.


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