Katydid™ Videos

When you have a great stove, you’re going to want to show it off.  Naturally,  Katydid™ wood stove owners love to  show off their stoves.

Whether you are in the process of deciding which small wood stove you want for your tiny home or compact living space, or if you are looking for some tiny home or off-grid living inspiration, be sure to watch these Katydid™ wood stove videos.

Don’t miss the latest Katydid™ wood stove customer reviews, Katydid™ wood stove installation videos,  tiny home and off-grid lifestyle videos,  and our customers’  tiny home and compact living tours.

If you want to learn more about the origins of Katydid™ click here: Katydid™ Origins Video.

Katydid™ Cooking

Bacon on a Katydid™ Stove

Cooking Bacon on a Katydid™ Stove with a cast iron skillet
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Katydid Secondary Burn.

See the beauty of the Katydid™ Burn
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Thermoelectric Generator

Thermoelectric Generator and Katydid™ Stove

Watch Roger Lee explaing how this thermoelectric generaor can heat hot water and generates up to 30 watts of electricty.
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Thermoelectric Generator from TEGpro

See how to heat your tiny house or cabin with a Katydid™ Stove and Water Cooled Thermoelectric Generators.
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Katydid™ Installations

Katydid™ in a RV

See the full custom installation of this Katydid™ in an RV.

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More Katydid™ Videos

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