Kimberly™ - 10 Watt Air Cooled Thermoelectric Generator

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The Kimberly™ TEG 10W Air Cooled Wood Stove Thermoelectric Generator is a concept still in development that can be placed on the top of a stove to generate electricity to trickle charge a battery bank (estimated 1 amp/hr). The Kimberly™ TEG 10W would be supplied with a cable that is unterminated for your custom connectors.

To ensure an adequate temperature difference necessary for power generation, the low temperature side of the Thermoelectric Generator is cooled with air that is circulated with an internal fan. Charge a battery directly with the output of the Thermoelectric Generator.

If you have a wood stove at your house or camp, this is great micro-power system. This product is still in the design phase and we are determining interest to put it into full production.  Let us know if you are interested!