Thermoelectric Generator Battery Charger with Digital Display and Pump Prioritization (Multi-Input)

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Introducing the first plug & play TEG/Solar Battery Charger with prioritization for the active cooling system. Our Patent Pending Tegpro Multi TEG & Solar Battery Charger with Pump Priority is a mulit-input charge controller that prioritizes power to the active cooling system onboard. It also displays voltage and current while charging your battery system. With the factory settings the unit can charge up to 14.4 VDC (can be set at factory from 12 - 28.8 VDC) and will accept up to 30 V DC inputs. It will boost the charge starting at 9 VDC and also offers reverse polarity protection to prevent the battery from backfeeding the Thermoelectric Generator when the stove is not in use. This unit will prevent the Thermoelectric Generator from becoming overloaded which can cause the cooling fans to stop spinning and overheat the device.

This system is great to use at your house, cabin, greenhouse or camp etc. for extra power generation and to distribute heat to remote sections of your building.

Make a self-powered hot tube with jets and LED lighting all powered by TEG Power.