Stove Lite Solar Charger

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The Stove Lite Charger makes it possible to use the Stove Lite outside of heating season. Simply stick it to your window and let it charge away.

Once it's fully charged you can plug your Stove Lite or cell phone into it to to charge up.

The Stove Lite Solar Charger is a tastefully designed and well-built addition to your Hearth & Home. Get your's today.

Specifications Below:

Capacity : 2600mAh
Output: 5V 1000mA
Batteries: LiPO battery system
Solar parameters: 5V 100mA
Adapter Charging time: 3 to 10 hours
Solar Charging time: 40 hours
Accessories: Micro USB Cable
Product size: 4.5” * .5”
Net weight: 1/4 lb.