45 Watt Air Cooled Thermoelectric Generator

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Tegmart has the largest selection of Thermoelectric Generators for sale including the DW-SM-45W Wood Burning Stove Thermoelectric Generator can be placed on the top or mounted onto the side wall of a stove to generate electricity to charge a battery, power a 12V DC device, or charge a cell phone with it's handy USB charging port. The DW-SM-45W is supplied with 2 cables: one for charging a battery, the other supplies a 12V DC automotive output and a 5V DC USB port.

To ensure an adequate temperature difference necessary for power generation, the low temperature side of the Thermoelectric Generator is cooled with 2 electric fans that help circulate heat in the room with up to 120 CFMs of air movement. This unit is lightweight and provides a lot of output power for it's size.

If you have a wood stove at your house or camp, this is great micro-power system. Connect multiple units and subsidize your heavily taxed solar system in the winter months.

This unit should be used with the TE-CON-SYS-2 Diversion Charge Controller.